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Chris Peach

lead visual creative 

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Chris started his career in photography capturing skateboarders in his teens, then went on to become a photographic artist in College and University, and now with 14 years’ experience as a press photographer, he is ready for anything!


“I have always been curious, wanting to know how things work, and what’s behind that door, and the best part about being a photographer is having access granted into incredible businesses and organisations to meet the people that make them work. I feel it’s a great privilege most would never get the chance to see, and I feel it is my job as a photographer to transport the viewer of my images into these spaces and to hear the stories that these people can tell. "


“People say that a picture speaks a thousand words, but I think it does more than that, a good photograph can transport you to the decisive moment in time and space that the shutter was released.” 

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