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John Lester

lead creative

Creative Lead John Lester, with extensive knowledge of graphics and typography, has the designers’s most hoarded skill… quite simply, he instinctively delivers work that looks right and does its job. He’s worked in so many media, using so many different packages and skills, that little phases him… a source of experience to the whole team.  John’s mash-ups and improvisations are legendary.  Who else would take a scrunched-up headline print out, cover it in water and freeze it, break the ice, photograph and filter it to get it just right? Or carve a font out of pastry and bake it? Lo-tech or hi-tech, John’s attention to detail is a reassuring constant.  And when he added animation and 3D modelling to his first love of film-making… well, it opened up whole new worlds for the business. 


“My interest in technical aspects of film-making and the move into 2d/3d animation and video has made the most recent years exciting and I expect new digital projects to continue that. Continued involvement across an expanding and developing business drive my broad design outlook.”

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